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Where science-based marketing & sales meets new-generation tech to produce radical SEO / Performance Marketing / B2B Leads.
Traditional SEO Is Floppy Disk.
We’re AI.
ATRICA is our world-first SEO software driven by Artificial Intelligence. Pay less. Do less. And get your website onto Page 1 of Google within 3 months.
Old School Sales & Marketing
Is Complicated. We’re Simple.
SALT is our performance marketing agency that only does pay-per-result. No Result. No Pay. It’s as simple as that.
Others Wait For Quality Leads.
We Hunt Them Down.
VENATRIX is our artificial intelligence-driven analytics software that has revolutionised B2B Lead Generation. We deliver only quality B2B Leads, relentlessly and consistently.

Welcome to Smart Tools 24

We’re a German company with global reach and the ‘Big Daddy’ of 3 new-generation digital sales & marketing divisions: ATRICA, SALT and VENATRIX.

Seamless integration between these 3 divisions offers businesses the most progressive SEOPay-Per-Result performance marketing and B2B Lead Generation in the market.

We reject complexity, jargon and the befuddling strategies that are the norm in digital sales & marketing. 

We embrace simplicity, strategy and effective solutions that deliver real, measurable results.

Because we’re not your typical digital sales & marketing company. We’re different – and by different, we mean…

Better, Faster and far more Progressive.



What We Do Differently

Business has changed drastically. It’s clear that ‘old’ (AKA pre-2020) sales & marketing solutions don’t work well anymore.

So we came up with new solutions based solely on statistics, science and proven methodologies. These solutions are driven by 5 decades of experience and executed with new-generation tech and AI software.

Experience + Strategy + New-Gen Tech & AI = Real Results in Real-Time

On a day-to-day level, our approach is equally pragmatic and potent:

1.  We get to know your business as well as you do.

2.  We work with you to provide a bespoke action plan using services and/or products from 1, 2 and/or all 3 of our divisions: ATRICA (SEO), SALT (Performance Marketing), VENATRIX (B2B Lead Generation).

3.  We activate this plan and deliver results.


No one can predict the future. But we can predict your future growth.



Advanced SEO

We offer clients, brokers and agencies ATRICA, the world’s first and only Technical Ranking Algorithm software driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This game-changing AI software monitors and auto-responds to Google’s 200-plus ever-changing search algorithm factors automatically and in real-time.

Simply put: ATRICA is the smartest and fastest SEO bot on the market.

If you get ATRICA, within 3 months your website will be catapulted onto Page 1 of Google search for all industry-relevant searches – and stay there.


B2B Lead Generation

Everyone knows the females of the species are the best hunters. That’s why we’ve named our artificial intelligence-driven analytics software VENATRIX – ‘huntress’ in Latin.

Using scientifically-proven methodology and designed specifically for LinkedIn, VENATRIX tracks down the exact leads your business needs.

Forget spam-filled databases that take more time and energy to sift through than the return of investment is worth. VENATRIX goes straight for the kill, delivering the finest leads relentlessly and consistently.


Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing agency SALT cuts through all the jargon designed to make digital sales & marketing unnecessarily complex.

Like the salt of the Earth, we keep it simple by working closely with clients to create a bespoke strategy for their precise needs.

And we guarantee that this bespoke strategy works via our pay-per-result business model.

No result. No pay. It’s as simple as that.


50 combined years of innovation in the global market

Smart Tools 24 fuses the best of German efficiency and reliability with high performance.

We’re led by digital sales and marketing experts who have started 13 e-commerce companies in 5 countries on 3 continents and have guided 150 start-ups on their way to success.

We’re powered by a handpicked team of 18 (and growing) experts in business consulting, B2B sales and marketing, social media marketing, SEO, software development, copywriting and design.

Small, Sleek and Strategic. That’s Us.


Global Presence

SmartTools24 has a global presence via our constantly expanding sales and marketing structures in more than 10 countries in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia.

We offer software developers white label partnerships. These partnerships enable software developers of all sizes to benefit from our global marketing expertise, distribute their products via our established sales networks and grow sales in new markets.

Our white label services are offered to the full range of software developers, from start-ups with an excellent product but no sales & marketing structure and network to launch with, to established software companies looking to expand sales and global reach.

We open up the world for partners.


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